FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

About Caravans

WBCCI sanctions a number of caravans each year.  Lists of sanctioned caravans are published in the Blue beret and on the WBCCI web site.  Caravans have several classifications; Unit Caravans, Region Caravans, National Caravans, and Overseas Caravans.  Caravans range in duration from days to months and range in size from 10 to 60 Airstreams.

Sanctioned caravans must have a minimum number of Airstreams, a minimum duration, and a minimum number of stops.  Sanctioned caravans are led by volunteers, which keeps the cost down and have the benefit of WBCCI insurance and other WBCCI support.


About Airstream Dealers

There are a limited number of Airstream dealers in Region 9, located mostly in high-population areas.  Each dealer is required to carry a minimum inventory of Airstream parts. There are also Airstream approved repair locations that are not retail outlets.

You can buy parts while you are at the factory. Away from the factory , you can currently buy parts only through a dealer. As of early 2009, Airstream has announced plans to put parts listings on the internet and permit owners to buy most parts directly. The exception will be external body panels.

Not all dealers handle both motorhomes and trailers, so it is imperative to check the dealer information by phone or at Airstream.com before travelling long distances to a dealer location

About Intra-Clubs

Intra-Clubs provide a meeting place for members that have specific interests. Most intra-clubs meet at International and Region rallies and charge a nominal fee to support a newsletter.  Many intraclubs publish regular reports in the Blue Beret magazine.