Region 9 History

In January 1964 the WBCCI divided up the North American Continent into 7 areas which were called Regions.  On June 27, 1966 the WBCCI adopted to change from the 7 original Regions to 12, to become effective in July 1967.  The even numbered Regions would elect officers for a 2-year term and the odd numbered Regions would elect officers for a 1-year term.  When these first terms expired all Region Officers would be elected to serve for 2-year terms.

Region 9 comprising the states of Texas and Oklahoma was one of the 12 new Regions of the WBCCI.  The first Region 9 President (serving for only 1-year) was W. O. Wylie.   Andy & Bea Kaiser conducted the first Region 9 Rally in San Benito/Harlingen, TX in February of 1975.  During the July 2, 1975 Region 9 Board Meeting being held at the International Rally in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Lloyd Goodwin, President of the Oklahoma Green Country Unit, outlined plans for a Region 9 “Ozark Foliage & Festival Caravan” to be held in October with his unit being the host.

President Kaiser announced that the International Board had been petitioned for a permanent charter to be presented to a new Unit in Region 9 to be known as the “Texas Coastal Plains Unit”, making it the 15th Unit in the Region.  During the Feb 13, 1976 Board Meeting in Harlingen it was recommended that the Region conduct two Region Rallies a year at different locations through out the Region 9 area rather than in the Valley all the time.

The first Ozark Foliage & Festival Caravan was reported to have had 58 trailers who made the first trip.  A limit of 50 trailers was later established to better facilitate parking at some of the campsites.

In October 1977 ways of how to encourage and recruit individuals to serve as Unit Presidents was discussed.  The consensus was that to make the job more appealing, preferred parking at rallies and special seating at programs and dinners should be offered as an encouragement for would-be presidents.

In January 1978 C.H. Nix of the Texas Hill Country Unit mentioned that all units were entitled to more visits from Regional Officers especially at installation time.  The idea of having electricity at the International Rally was presented to International 3rd Vice President Andy Kaiser.

In September 1978 Guidelines were established for the election of Region 9 Officers.  They started with a Nominating Committee of 2 members from Texas and 1 from Oklahoma. Requirements for the Nominating Committee members were that they were to be Past or Current Region 9 Unit Presidents.  It was recommended that the club consider admitting Airstream motor homes into WBCCI. Mayo Adams, President of the Texas Unit made a motion, which passed, that the fall Region 9 Rally should be eliminated.  It was noted that the “Texas Alamo Unit” was first in attendance at the Board Meeting on January 13, 1978 making them the 16th Unit in Region 9.

A 17th Unit was added to Region 9 before the May 6, 1981 Board Meeting known as the “Texas Highland Lakes Unit”.

Between May 1981 and October 1981 the “Paso-del-Norte Unit” transferred to Region 11 along with the portion of Texas in the Mountain Time Zone. Region 9 then had 16 units.

In November 1982 Region 9 was encouraged to start a Special Events Rally in Region 9 due to the many special events that are occurring with in the Region.

In 1988 during John Wittman’s presidency the first computerization of Region 9 records began.  This was followed by a Computer Seminar at the Odessa Rally in March of 1990 which led to the Region 9 Computer Rallies, which were independent from the Region and Region control.

Region Newsletters were developed and published on Word Perfect during Dale Hoerger’s presidency.  The first Region 9 Board Seminars were also during Dale Hoerger’s presidency.

On March 26, 1988 Vern Goodwin, Region 9 2nd Vice President made a motion, which was seconded by Ewart Phillips, President of the West Texas Unit to establish a Region 9 Practices and Policies Committee to develop a document to cover the many issues that arise each year in the carrying out of the business of Region 9 which are not covered by the WBCCI Blue Book or any other documentation to guide and assist Unit and Region Officers in their duties.  A new Region 9 Guidelines was unanimously approved at the March 18, 1989 Board Meeting in Boerne, Texas.  At the Mid-Winter International Board of Trustees meeting it was reported that the annual WBCCI dues were going to be increased from $25.00 to $35.00.

In 2002 the Region’s Web Site was updated to include the Region Newsletter and photos of current activities.  The 2002 Region Rally was the first rally to utilize the new Job Descriptions for each of the Rally Committee Chairmen.  A newly updated and expanded. Region 9 Policy and Practices Guidelines was approved to better guide and assist the Unit and Region Officers in the more complex environment that the Region operates in today.

The Texas Tropical Trails Unit merged into the Texas Alamo Unit on June 1, 2004 due to declining membership.  The Fiesta San Antonio Special Event Rally, hosted by the Texas Hill Country Unit celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2004.  Sadly that was the last year for this great rally until it was started up again in 2011 by the Texas Hill Country Unit and plans are currently underway for Fiesta San Antonio Special Event Rally in 2014.

On October 25, 2004 the Oklahoma Green Country Unit announced that its Members had decided to dissolve their Unit.  Most of their Members moved their membership to the Oklahoma Unit.

On Nov 15 2005 the South Texas Unit dissolved due to too few members.

2005: Jerry Larson served one term as President and resigned to run for International 3d VP.

2006 Tom Collier served one term as President and resigned to run for International 3d VP.

On May, 15 2006 the Heart of Texas Camping Unit was organized.  David Tidmore President.

On Nov. 15, 2006, the Texas Big Country Unit dissolved their unit.  Most members joined the local Good Sam Club.

In late 2008, the Top’OTexas unit merged with the Texas Plains Unit.

In 2009, the West Texas Unit was disbanded.

In fall 2011 the Texas Unit #97 disbanded.  Texas Unit members have joined other Region 9 units.

Region 9’s History and Events have been provided by various Past Region Presidents and other individuals in order to record for all to read and understand the rich heritage that the Region has in its past members, Unit Presidents, and Region Officers and Presidents.  As more information is provided we hope it will enhance your appreciation of the contributions made on behalf our all our members.